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Книги Генрих Гацура Антикварная мебель, стили, интерьеры, дизайн
Мебельные стили
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History of Furniture and Interior Design

Doors Art

Gatsura Henry ( Genrih )
History, interior, style, accessories, decor
Gatsura DOORS & STYLES, 2013 Gatsura DOORS & STYLES, 2018
2013, ISBN 978-5-905233-03-6

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2018, ISBN 978-5-905233-10-4
520 pages
© ART-Crown, 2013, 2018
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Gatsura Henry ( Genrih )
History, interior, style, accessories, decor.
In the richly illustrated album-encyclopedia the history of the manufacture of interior doors from original sources 17 - 20 centuries which has never been published and is little-known not only for a wide range of readers, but also for the experts of design and architecture in Russia, is described. 500 pages of the encyclopedia contains a large number of graphics and background material, helps to understand the styles of doors, and other interesting information for the reader. The album presents the doors of all the classic styles from Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, America and Russia. The book even presents the projects of doors by Russian architects of USSR and of the Third Reich. There is everything about interior doors in the encyclopedia: materials for producing, decor. A collection of accessories of the 10th-20th centuries, various types of door devices, latches, hinges, locks and keys patented in various styles, takes more than 10 pages. More than that you can find here the special chapter devoted to secret doors and doorways; you will learn how they masked them in the wall panels and behind the furniture in the 13th-19th centuries. The book is designed as a reference book not only for interior designers and architects, decorators, film and theater artists, leaders and organizers of production, buyers and workers of shops, students and teachers of academies, of institutes of art and woodwork and of building schools; and also it can be interesting restorers, collectors, museum employees as well as for other people who are interested in interiors and history, or want to furnish his apartment in a modern or classic style. Neither in Russia nor abroad there are analogs of encyclopedia according to the quality, volume and information about interior doors. The book is presented in two languages - Russian and English.
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Книги Генрих Гацура Антикварная мебель, стили, интерьеры, дизайн
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© Gatsura G/ Г. Гацура
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